Demand for mobile experiences is growing...

...faster than IT teams can deliver them. Enter cross-platform hybrid development: Speed. Efficiency. Omnichannel.

When: Tuesday, October 16th, 12pm CST

Forrester estimates a hybrid approach will save an organization between 75−80% in support and porting costs compared to native.

Join Matt Netkow, Senior Product Evangelist, as he explains how the hybrid approach can help you keep costs down while still delivering successful apps across multiple platforms.

You'll learn:

  • What the Mobile Delivery Gap is (and why it matters)
  • What the Hybrid and natives approaches are, their benefits, and challenges
  • Unbiased, detailed pros and cons of both approaches
  • Learn how companies like Dow Jones, Airbus Helicopters, and Sworkit used Ionic’s mobile app development platform deliver successful app offerings to their users